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26-07-2020 BATBC British American Tobacco Company Bangladesh Ltd. Half Yearly Earnings Update 2020
16-07-2020 GP Grameenphone Earnings Update (HY-2020)
16-07-2020 GP Grameenphone Earnings Update (HY-2020)
23-06-2020 GP Assessment of the impact of new restrictions on Grameenphone Ltd. as an operator with Significant Market Power (SMP). June 2020
16-06-2020 BATBC Impact assessment of proposed regulatory changes on British American Tobacco Bangladesh Ltd. (National Budget FY20-21)
04-06-2020 BATBC British American Tobacco Bangladesh Company Ltd. Valuation (June 2020)_EBLSL
26-04-2020 GP Grameenphone Ltd. Q1, 2020 Earnings Update
04-02-2020 GP Grameenphone Ltd. Year-end 2019 Earnings Update
18-12-2019 OLYMPIC Equity Valuation Report on Olympic Industries Ltd. December 2019 Update
04-12-2019 BERGERPBL H1 '20 Earnings Update on Berger Paints Bangladesh Limited